6 ways to experience gastronomy in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté differently

There is no better marriage than that of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté. The region is rich in gastronomy, local produce and wines. Which is great inspiration for new dishes by the numerous distinguished chefs in the region.

#1 – Dare the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté marriage at aperitif time

For a successful appetiser rely on the best that Bourgogne and Franche-Comté have on offer. From Bourgogne, opt for the typical Kir, an aligot Bourgogne wine mixed with blackcurrant liquor. From Franche-Comté, be seduced by a  Pontarlier or an Absinth, two aperitifs from the Pontarlier region. And to go with the drinks, nothing better than a few gougeres [savoury choux pastries] and some cooked meats from the Haut-Doubs.

#2 – Sample the typical Bourgogne dishes whose delights Colette, a native of the region, has so often described

Beef bourguignon, eggs en meurette, chicken a la Gaston Gérard… specialities and promises of pleasure for your tastebuts promoted by the epicurean Colette. Choose your table, browse the menu and be tempted by the Bourgogne cuisine  !

#3 – Dare tasting cancoillotte and snails

Granted, living snails are not very appealing. But take our word for it, once in your plate with a Bourguignon parsley sauce they will make you forget your preconceptions!

As to the cancoillotte, this cheese speciality deserves to be sampled too! Light, low in calories (less than 10% fat), gourmet when seasoned with garlic, savagnin or other flavours, at last a cheese that combines pleasure and a healthy diet.

#4 – Give in to the ritual of the hot box

Both comforting and convivial, the hot box is a must on a cold winter night meal with family or friends. Imagine on the table the warm Mont d’Or, a cheese of the Haut-Doubs in  its epicea box. Served with potatoes, Morteau or Montbéliard sausage and a white Jura wine, it is the ideal dish to share after a day skiing.

#5 – Uncover the secrets of the Comté by visiting a cheese ripening cellar

The Comté, is the star of the Franche-Comté cheeses and owes its fame in part to its diversity of flavours.

To understand the full range of flavours you need to visit a cheese ripening cellar. It is there, far away from light and external aggressions that the cheese will mature and be handled with care for several months to become a unique product!

#6 – Visit Dijon, the capital of the Dukes of Bourgogne… and try its famous mustard

Traditional, old style or flavoured with chablis or gingerbread, mustard is a condiment known throughout the world, that can be used with meat or as an individual element in a cooking recipe. Enter the famous shops Maille and Fallot. Expect a real tasting experience: blackcurrant flavoured mustard is tasted here by the spoonful. For the most inquisitive amateurs, you can go to Beaune and visit the Fallot factory.

Put Dijon in your diary for 2018: the opening year of the City of Gastronomy. The city will be part of the national network of the same name.