River holidays, the main assets of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

Nothing feels tastes more like the ultimate escape from the daily routine than a holiday spent boating on a canal with peaceful banks or on an enchanting river. The boat’s slow pace will take you on a navigating discovery of the many assets of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.

Asset no. 1: Bourgogne, the mecca of river tourism

With 1000 km of inland waterways, in other words the largest network of rivers and canals in France, boaters and landlubbers have found their promised land here.  For example, you could embark on the iconic canal de Bourgogne . It is the ideal way to explore the region and has a considerable surprise in store: an underground tunnel of 3 km long, a real engineering exploit in the Ouche valley. Another option is the canal du Nivernais, that experienced boaters view as one of the most beautiful canals in France.

Asset no. 2: the Saone, a silent and green atmosphere

The Saone river is very appreciated for the quality of the navigation and the beauty of the unspoilt landscapes. Few locks, a broad and often wild waterway, limited – and even forbidden in places – traffic of merchant vessels: these are the assets that ensure you can enjoy slow tourism to the full.

From the north at the feet of the Vosges, to the south in the direction of the Mâcon region, Bourgogne–Franche–Comté unveils itself progresively to the peaceful rhythm of your boat. (average speed 6 to 8 km/h): the natural attraction of a Natura 2000 classified valley, authentic villages, romanesque art around Tournus….follow in the steps of Stendhal, and set sail on the Saône but on board of a motor boat rather than a steam boat.

Asset no. 3: the Doubs, the pleasure of cities and a return to the roots

The river Doubs and the Rhône canal to the Rhine, that extends it, provide a 200 km river cruise and a plethora of discoveries. Besides the liveliness of the locks, and the tranquillity of the fields it crosses, navigation on the Doubs is also the opportunity for many urban ports of call: Besançon and its Unesco listed citadel, Dole, the city of birth of a certain Louis Pasteur, Baume-les-Dames the ultimate green resort, Montbéliard, the city of the Dukes of Wurtemberg with elements from across the Rhine…get on land and enjoy the urban pleasures.

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